Annandale Coin Show
Northern Virginia Community College
Ernst Community Cultural Center
8333 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003


December 2022 Dealer List


Dealer Name State   Dealer Name State
Aberdeen Coin Gallery MD   Lopez & Associates International MD
Angel Dee's Coins & Collectibles VA   Donald Massey Coins VA
ANACS CO   Jim Matthews VA
Artefacts & Metal Detectors VA   MCO Consultants DE
ART Coins and Treasures VA   Medea Metals PA
Aristos Ancient SC   Nanson Numismatics MD
ART Coins and Treasures VA   North Port Coins MD
ASN Currency LLC FL   Olevian Numismatic Rarities PA
B & H Coins PA   Del Parker Irish & World Coins GA
B & J Coins VA   Pat & BJ Coins PA
Bach's Coin Box PA   Pete the Greek NY
Banknotes of the World VA   Rahway Coins VA
Bay Landing Coins VA   The Reeded Edge MD
BJ Knuckles MD   Karl Riedel VA
Cody Boushey Coins MD   RKT Coins VA
Calvert Coin MD   RNH Collectibles MD
Coins & Artifacts of the Ancient World VA   S & B Coin Exchange MD
Cornboy Coins WY   Fred B Shore PA
Matt DeRoma Rare Coins, Inc. CT   Gordon A. Singer MD
Douggin  Collectibles / World Division WY   Jacek Solle VA
Clay Everhart VA   South of the Border Coins MD
Fairfax Coin Club VA   Steve's Quality State Quarters VA
GFRC Lite NC   Southpointe Coins MD
Robert Greenley DE   Tidewater Coin Company VA
Richard Gross MD   USA Rare PA
Wayne Herndon Rare Coins, Inc. VA   VIP Coins VA
RA Houser Rare Stamps PA   George Watson VA
Virginia Iseli MD   Wayne Gehret/wrgstamp PA
JEL MD   Windsor Coin & Currency MD
Legacy Coins & Currency MD   Marcella Zauche MD
Liberty Coins VA   Jack Zobrist VA
Charles Loehr VA      


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